Candyland is an old fashioned candy store with delicious candy, popcorn, drinks, and more! When you walk through the front door, the smell of freshly made caramel corn, other popcorn, and whatever other candy treat is being concocted hits you. Once that happens you cannot possibly leave without a bag of popcorn and candy. 

They are most famous for their caramel corn because of its smooth, sweet exterior with a popcorn center. This stuff is probably the most addicting food I have ever tasted. Once you take one of the huge clumps out of the bag, and try it, there is no going back. The whole bag is going to be gone before you even realized you forgot to share! And that is why you buy two. Just for emergencies like that. I wish I would have thought about that before I handed the bag off to my dad. 🙂 I will buy two… next time. 

Now onto the other things they have at Candyland. They have eight different kinds of popcorn.
-Butter -Regular Seasoned – Caramel – Chicago Mix – Cheese – Flavocrunch – Milk or Dark Chocolate Drizzle
Emma got a five-ounce bag of the cheese popcorn and loved it! She described it as a melt in your mouth, old fashioned, yummy, cheesy explosion. If you like cheese, you will adore this popcorn. It is like mac and cheese but in the form of popcorn. 

 Kirsten got a small box of the buttered popcorn. She said it was better than movie theater popcorn. “It tasted like the popcorn made in one of those fancy dancy machines, but BETTER!” ~ Kirsten. To enjoy this popcorn you must love lots of butter and not be scared of a little grease. 🙂

The other thing Candyland is known for is their candy, of course! They have almost every kind of candy imaginable from old fashioned candy buttons (my childhood favorite), rock candy, unicorn lollies, to gummies and many kinds of hard candy.
Glance a little further into the shiny glass case and you will see chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels and mostly anything you can think of COVERED IN CHOCOLATE! And nuts, if you please.

This cute little store will make you feel like you are at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. As a kid I adored this store when we went to it downtown at Christmas time, but I think as I grow up I enjoy the treats it contains and even more than that, all of the memories.

So, bring you kids, friends or parents to Candyland and make some scrumptious memories.

Sarah- ★☆★☆★
Kirsten- ★☆★☆★

Price Range:$0.25 – $72




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