Top Ten Freckles of the Week: 6-28-15

  1. Fresh strawberries. See this.IMG_6216
  2. Linda’s photography

    Where I got my senior pictures taken last Thursday.

    Where I got my senior pictures taken last Thursday.

  3. Gay marriage is finally legal everywhere in the United States.


    Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide

  4. The smell of summer.

    Smell it. You know you want to...

    Smell it. You know you want to…

  5. The release of the new Disney movie Inside Out inside out
  6. The Disney GIF app (which provides hours of amusement, not to mention being super helpful at times).


    Such as for figuring out dinner 😉

  7. Knitting

    Not just for the elderly.

    Not just for the elderly.

  8. Anyone who makes/bakes/grows/DIYs rather than going to a store.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

  9. Emm’s Positivity Blog

    It is lovely, inspirational, and just adorable! Go check it out!

    It is lovely, inspirational, and just adorable! Go check it out!

  10. Biking.
    And the fact that it can get you across town in just minutes.

    And the fact that it can get you across town in just minutes.



Nelson’s Ice Cream

There is not a better place to go to in Minnesota for some spectacular ice cream, at a great price.  

This place is the hidden gem of Stillwater, MN. The shop is a bit difficult to find, but once you walk through that door and are greeted by their smiling faces (and 46 different ice cream flavors) you will realize that it was more than worth the journey.

At Nelson’s the sizes range from a “kiddie cup” to famous “Lumberjack”. All filled with delicious Brown’s Ice Cream.

First of all, we can tell you from experience that the best thing to get is the Lumberjack! It is the most expensive thing on the menu, but if you have never had one, it should be on your bucket list. Yes, it is that good.

Once you decide what product fits your price range and stomach capacity, you look up at their big, colorful, chalk-drawn flavors on the wall and begin to drool.

You see the unique flavors.  The very popular Superman (Blue  raspberry, cherry, and vanilla  ice creams all swirled together), or maybe Peppermint Stick, Bubble Gum, or Elephant Tracks. You see the classics: Chocolate, Vanilla, Peppermint Bon-Bon , and chocolate chip. Which flavors will you choose?

Back to talking about the famous Lumberjack. It is the most ice cream a person can get for $10 and actually eat. Picture this: five softball size scoops of one of their 46 different flavors of ice cream, with one of their three toppings (hot fudge, chocolate, and whipped cream). There are over 2,000,000 possible combinations. Does it get better than that? Yes. If you finish it ALONE, you get your picture on their famous wall of spectacular ice cream eaters and become instantly famous. Also included is the extreme satisfaction of defeating it.

That is what my sisters, mom, and I received since we all shared it. To us not getting our picture on the wall didn’t matter, it was the fact that after two years of trying, we finally succeeded. Trust me, you and your children will wait for this day all year. In our house, it is a day filled with almost as much excitement as our birthdays and Christmas morning.

Sarah – ★★★★★
Kirsten – ★★★★★
Emma – ★★★★★

OVERALL – ★★★★★

Price Range: $2-10

Visit this link for more information:

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On a side note, this article has been in my drafts for over a year now, so just as a clarification, these pictures are from both our 2013 summer trip and summer 2014 trip.

The day of which we went in 2013 was a lovely, cool and breezy day, so we had no problems devouring the Lumberjack before it melted down. In 2014 though, we were not nearly as lucky and it was hot! Almost 85 degrees, which would have rendered a Lumberjack useless, because it would have diluted into a  soup-like mess within minutes. Therefore, since the Lumberjack seems to be a time-consuming consumption, we decided to all get kiddie cups in which ever flavor we desired. Both years were delicious, although I would have to say that it seemed as though they had changed the Zanzibar chocolate flavor, for I was not nearly as fond of it the second time. It was all delicious none the less!

Lots of potential ice cream dreams headed your way,




 Candyland is an old fashioned candy store with delicious candy, popcorn, drinks, and more! When you walk through the front door, the smell of freshly made caramel corn, other popcorn, and whatever other candy treat is being concocted hits you. Once that happens you cannot possibly leave without a bag of popcorn and candy. 

They are most famous for their caramel corn because of its smooth, sweet exterior with a popcorn center. This stuff is probably the most addicting food I have ever tasted. Once you take one of the huge clumps out of the bag, and try it, there is no going back. The whole bag is going to be gone before you even realized you forgot to share! And that is why you buy two. Just for emergencies like that. I wish I would have thought about that before I handed the bag off to my dad. 🙂 I will buy two… next time. 

Now onto the other things they have at Candyland. They have eight different kinds of popcorn.
-Butter -Regular Seasoned – Caramel – Chicago Mix – Cheese – Flavocrunch – Milk or Dark Chocolate Drizzle
Emma got a five-ounce bag of the cheese popcorn and loved it! She described it as a melt in your mouth, old fashioned, yummy, cheesy explosion. If you like cheese, you will adore this popcorn. It is like mac and cheese but in the form of popcorn. 

 Kirsten got a small box of the buttered popcorn. She said it was better than movie theater popcorn. “It tasted like the popcorn made in one of those fancy dancy machines, but BETTER!” ~ Kirsten. To enjoy this popcorn you must love lots of butter and not be scared of a little grease. 🙂

The other thing Candyland is known for is their candy, of course! They have almost every kind of candy imaginable from old fashioned candy buttons (my childhood favorite), rock candy, unicorn lollies, to gummies and many kinds of hard candy.
Glance a little further into the shiny glass case and you will see chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels and mostly anything you can think of COVERED IN CHOCOLATE! And nuts, if you please.

This cute little store will make you feel like you are at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. As a kid I adored this store when we went to it downtown at Christmas time, but I think as I grow up I enjoy the treats it contains and even more than that, all of the memories.

So, bring you kids, friends or parents to Candyland and make some scrumptious memories.

Sarah- ★☆★☆★
Kirsten- ★☆★☆★

Price Range:$0.25 – $72




Life is like a water park, you have choices and the great thing is that none of them are wrong. There is always something there for everyone, and all of them are equal in worth.

You may choose to take the water-slide, or perhaps the lazy river is more fitting to you. You might even swim laps in the pool.

No matter what you are doing, just make sure that you are happy.



Life is here. There is more then enough to love. Everything you will ever need is right in front of your eyes. Just reach out and touch it.


Hey Guys! I want to share this very basic recipe that will BLOW YOUR MIND.
These are a scrumptiously cool treat for a steamy hot summer day!

The whole process takes under 10 minutes from start to finish.

First gather your ingredients:

-2 cups of milk (any kind works)
-1 package of jello pudding pop mix (we used vanilla, but you could use any other flavor of your liking)
-4 Oreos

And Supplies:

-Some sort of mixer

-A medium to large mixing bowl

-A spoon, ice cream, or cookie scoop

-Popsicle molds (or just simply dixie cups and popsicle sticks)

See, isn’t that simple?


Now for the steps:

1.) Place the Oreos into a plastic baggie and smash those things!! Stop once they have reached the size you want.

2.) Pour the jello mix in a bowl and then slowly stir the 2 cups of milk in to it.

3.) Now, take an electric mixer, hand mixer, or what ever type of mixer you have available to you at the moment, and combine the mixture for about 30-60 seconds. It may take longer depending on what type of mixture you are using.

4.) BEFORE the mixture solidifies, combine the Oreo crumbles into the mixture. 

5.) Scoop the mixture into your popsicle mold or dixie cup and put the sticks in.

6.) Place Pudding Pops in the freezer to solidify. (Amount of time needed to freeze will vary. Ours happened to take about 5 hours.)


Enjoy and stay cool this summer!


S. and E.